Actually, I was in love with Yong Hwa for a long time.

Anyway, because I was going to talk about the new MBC drama ‘You’ve fallen for me’ (also known as ‘Heartstrings’) – I normally wait until the drama finishes in Korean and after that I do a marathon – I was planing to do the same with this drama, but since, everywhere I see only ‘You’ve fallen for me’ and on top of that there aren’t any drama that I’m currently watching (because there aren’t any good drama lately) I said that I should give it a try. And the result was easy to guess, I’ve fallen for this drama.

The only thing I’m afraid of – I have this stupid hobby to get excited over new dramas, and as the things evolve I get tired with it. I hope it won’t be the case with this one as well.

If you are reading this post till this point, please WATCH THIS DRAMA NOW!! It doesn’t matter that there are only 4 episodes out but until now I honestly enjoyed every single second.

Hey hey, I know that during the ‘You’re Beautiful’ era you all were fans of the couple Yonghwa+Shinhye. Oh! At that time, I was so annoyed – because I really wanted him to end up with the girl. Since in ‘You’re Beautiful’, Yonghwa didn’t get her, let’s hope this time they will end up together.

I have a big news for FT ISLAND fans (well for those that don’t know yet) – Won Bin is playing in this drama!! Also Song Seung Hyun’s (ft island) younger brother plays in this drama as well. Those 2 are the bass & guitar players of the band THE STUPID.


See that thing around his neck? Is (supposed) to be a necklace. Guess from what is made of…..Tissue~
You can not dare to challenge Scheduler’s fashion sense.

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Recently, SNSD released their music video for the Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run’. Even though I can fully understand this version, I think I like the Korean version more. Anyway, the music video is great, and thanks to monmonsnow we can enjoy  watching it in full HD.

I know a lot of U-kiss fans (if not all) will hate me for this post, but it’s my personal opinion so please respect it!

Until now, I wasn’t a U-kiss fan, I just liked them but now I LOVE THEM

The new members are perfect – I personally think, adding the 2 new members was a good move – and it will be a shame if the fans won’t accept them. Didn’t had the chance to read the translation of the song, but when I listen to it, it gives that feeling of wanting to hug someone.

I don’t have anything to add, love the song, the music video is great. Honestly, now,U-kiss looks like a real band and I really hope they will get recognized.

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Jewelry had their comeback with “Back it up”. OK, seriously, when I heart that Jewelry will have a comeback, I was waiting for something, let’s say, mature/glamorous. But what is this?! Well, I like the song but this is NOT Jewelry.

Songs like “One more time” and “Vari2ty” were classics, but this song is just …..meant to be forgotten –  if it’s not already forgotten.

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I found this picture on an Korean portal site. Sorry I won’t translate it, I will say just what I understand from that article – my Korean isn’t that great – as you can see, even my English isn’t that great. ^^

Netizens: “he looks so fresh and cute”; “voice, face and skin, aegigo I think there is a baby”

My comment: aww isn’t he cute~~

I’m trying to find the video.

Hyun Bin goes back to “Snow Queen” with “Secret Garden”

On an internet portal site” an article with the title ” Reversal of Hyun Bin’s life” was posted.

A photo of the KBS2 drama “The Snow Queen” (2006) and a photo of SBS drama “Secret Garden” were posted. It turned out that “Snow Queen” and “Secret Garden” were filmed in the same house.
In the drama “Snow Queen” Hyun Bin plays a dropped out high school (site not: with a high IQ) poor boxer Han Tae Woong. While in “Secret Garden” he plays a department store conglomerate CEO.

Source: Naver

(Side note: The article isn’t that interesting, but yeah anyway….)

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