Yoon Si Yoon shed tears at 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

Hearing his speech, the other “Baker King, Kim Tak Gu” cast members got teary too – actually Eugene & Joo Won cried a lot.

Honestly, I checked other sites/and blogs, but none talked about “Baker King, Kim Tak Gu” – maybe I’m the only one who is still a Kim Tak Gu fan. But who knows, if another ‘lost’ Kim Tak Gu fan wants to see pictures from 2010 KBS Drama Awards with the cast members – go under the cut.

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Lee Jong Seok ( ‘Secret Garden’s Tae Sun) gives a beautiful New Year’s greeting to the fans while holding a cute bunny.

I’m happy that you are watching ‘Secret Garden’s ‘Sun’. Please give lots of love~~^^! Hop like a rabbit in 2011^^Have a bright hopeful new year ^^~ I love you. Happy New Year! – “Sun” Lee Jong Seok

Lee Jong Seok, made a beautiful appearance in ‘Secret Garden’ as Tae Sun, a genius composer who has emerged as a rookie star.

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MBLAQ 1st album teaser !

Oh yeah Oh Yeah, MBLAQ is back, Oh Yeah, oh, oh ,oh OH Yeah!

I’ve been waiting for this, can’t wait to see the full music video.It will be great, the song also sound good, I think I’m going to love it.

The concept is beautiful, although it has been used so many times all over the world. The members look a little like they will drown in any moment – actually not , more like uncomfortable –  but Lee Joon gives an elegant image – OK, people will start asking what the hell I’m talking about, right?…Sorry!

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This is more like a personal post.

I found this cute video of Yesung and his….well pets and I wanted to share with everyone (um with those who read this lonely blog – if there are any readers —lol)

He brought tortoises so he won’t feel lonely in the dorm,but with the tortoises he feels lonelier. Aw! Poor Yesung.


As a side note:

It’s kinda sad how Super Junior fans tend to forget about him/or not giving him attention because they are too busy drooling/fangirl-ing over the other members (overrated ones – not going to name but I’m sure you all know who I’m talking about)

From my point of view he is actually the most talented idol, but he is sooo underrated.

(Credit YesungCenter @YT for Eng Subs + uploading)

I posted only the pages with  Kimura Takuya, I don’t think someone is really interested in the other pages (+ some weren’t for those under 15 years old)

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Song of the day~

SG Wannabe – Lalala

(lyrics: Korean, romanization and English translations under the cut)

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『Kenta』Ken-Ken of the day~


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