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Because most of the people know just visual kei bands,anime,Japanese dramas or Japanese idols, we want to show more of Japan by making small post of (other) talented artists from Japan.

Today, I want to recommend one of my favorite artists/singers : Ataru Nakamura 中村 中



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Daisuke Ochida ,vocalist of the studs and Kagerou, passed away yesterday.

The following message was posted on the studs official site:

To the fans and affiliates,

We regret to inform all fans and affiliates that Daisuke was laid to rest on July 15, 2010.
In respect of the wishes of his family the funeral procession will be carried out with his closest relatives only. We thank you deeply for all your support for Daisuke up to now. Our utmost and heartfelt condolences go out to everyone.

Source: the studs official site.

I was socked after reading the news on various portal sites. May he rest in peace.


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Follow/subscribe to AsianDMjpop at youtube.

Because there are a lot of Kpop  youtube channels I decided to make a jpop/japanese music channel on youtube.

Here the link for AsianDMjpop



I’ve been thinking, the videos will be public only 3 days and after that –> password protected!!!

Every day, the video list will be up-dated!

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