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I found this picture on an Korean portal site. Sorry I won’t translate it, I will say just what I understand from that article – my Korean isn’t that great – as you can see, even my English isn’t that great. ^^

Netizens: “he looks so fresh and cute”; “voice, face and skin, aegigo I think there is a baby”

My comment: aww isn’t he cute~~

I’m trying to find the video.


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Lee Jong Seok ( ‘Secret Garden’s Tae Sun) gives a beautiful New Year’s greeting to the fans while holding a cute bunny.

I’m happy that you are watching ‘Secret Garden’s ‘Sun’. Please give lots of love~~^^! Hop like a rabbit in 2011^^Have a bright hopeful new year ^^~ I love you. Happy New Year! – “Sun” Lee Jong Seok

Lee Jong Seok, made a beautiful appearance in ‘Secret Garden’ as Tae Sun, a genius composer who has emerged as a rookie star.


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