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Recently, SNSD released their music video for the Japanese version of ‘Run Devil Run’. Even though I can fully understand this version, I think I like the Korean version more. Anyway, the music video is great, and thanks to monmonsnow we can enjoy  watching it in full HD.


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U-kiss – 0330 MV Review~

I know a lot of U-kiss fans (if not all) will hate me for this post, but it’s my personal opinion so please respect it!

Until now, I wasn’t a U-kiss fan, I just liked them but now I LOVE THEM

The new members are perfect – I personally think, adding the 2 new members was a good move – and it will be a shame if the fans won’t accept them. Didn’t had the chance to read the translation of the song, but when I listen to it, it gives that feeling of wanting to hug someone.

I don’t have anything to add, love the song, the music video is great. Honestly, now,U-kiss looks like a real band and I really hope they will get recognized.


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Jewelry had their comeback with “Back it up”. OK, seriously, when I heart that Jewelry will have a comeback, I was waiting for something, let’s say, mature/glamorous. But what is this?! Well, I like the song but this is NOT Jewelry.

Songs like “One more time” and “Vari2ty” were classics, but this song is just …..meant to be forgotten –  if it’s not already forgotten.


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MBLAQ 1st album teaser !

Oh yeah Oh Yeah, MBLAQ is back, Oh Yeah, oh, oh ,oh OH Yeah!

I’ve been waiting for this, can’t wait to see the full music video.It will be great, the song also sound good, I think I’m going to love it.

The concept is beautiful, although it has been used so many times all over the world. The members look a little like they will drown in any moment – actually not , more like uncomfortable –  but Lee Joon gives an elegant image – OK, people will start asking what the hell I’m talking about, right?…Sorry!


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I don’t really get the music video,but it’s fun to watch. T-ara deserves more attention from the public,from my point of view they don’t get the attention they deserve.

I love the song,I’ve listened 2 times, and I got addicted.

PS: More screen time for Hyomin please ^^


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I confess, I never was a big fan of BEAST, but from the start I liked them (again not a fan – actually I don’t think I’m a fan of a certain idol band, just like them all – lol ^^), anyway, this band makes me smile every time I see them on stage.

In this performance, from Music Bank, they are cuter than ‘cuteness’ (makes no sense what I’m saying, right?). Smurfs start jumping in my head every time I watch this video. Smurfs look alike idols!

Aww! Aren’t they cute?

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I want Miryo back. Hyuna did a good job but Miryo is better.

Also about Hyuna’s mistake, I understand that she is human too (actually I find that mistake rather cute) but it was Won Bin’s comeback, she should’ve  prepared more – I’m sure she did apologized to Won Bin in the backstage.

Leaving that aside, Hyuna looked great today and Won Bin is becoming better and better.

(credit:CrazyCarrot270 for uploading the performance) 

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