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Jewelry had their comeback with “Back it up”. OK, seriously, when I heart that Jewelry will have a comeback, I was waiting for something, let’s say, mature/glamorous. But what is this?! Well, I like the song but this is NOT Jewelry.

Songs like “One more time” and “Vari2ty” were classics, but this song is just …..meant to be forgotten –  if it’s not already forgotten.



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I found this picture on an Korean portal site. Sorry I won’t translate it, I will say just what I understand from that article – my Korean isn’t that great – as you can see, even my English isn’t that great. ^^

Netizens: “he looks so fresh and cute”; “voice, face and skin, aegigo I think there is a baby”

My comment: aww isn’t he cute~~

I’m trying to find the video.

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Hyun Bin goes back to “Snow Queen” with “Secret Garden”

On an internet portal site” an article with the title ” Reversal of Hyun Bin’s life” was posted.

A photo of the KBS2 drama “The Snow Queen” (2006) and a photo of SBS drama “Secret Garden” were posted. It turned out that “Snow Queen” and “Secret Garden” were filmed in the same house.
In the drama “Snow Queen” Hyun Bin plays a dropped out high school (site not: with a high IQ) poor boxer Han Tae Woong. While in “Secret Garden” he plays a department store conglomerate CEO.

Source: Naver

(Side note: The article isn’t that interesting, but yeah anyway….)

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Yoon Si Yoon shed tears at 2010 KBS Drama Awards.

Hearing his speech, the other “Baker King, Kim Tak Gu” cast members got teary too – actually Eugene & Joo Won cried a lot.

Honestly, I checked other sites/and blogs, but none talked about “Baker King, Kim Tak Gu” – maybe I’m the only one who is still a Kim Tak Gu fan. But who knows, if another ‘lost’ Kim Tak Gu fan wants to see pictures from 2010 KBS Drama Awards with the cast members – go under the cut.


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Lee Jong Seok ( ‘Secret Garden’s Tae Sun) gives a beautiful New Year’s greeting to the fans while holding a cute bunny.

I’m happy that you are watching ‘Secret Garden’s ‘Sun’. Please give lots of love~~^^! Hop like a rabbit in 2011^^Have a bright hopeful new year ^^~ I love you. Happy New Year! – “Sun” Lee Jong Seok

Lee Jong Seok, made a beautiful appearance in ‘Secret Garden’ as Tae Sun, a genius composer who has emerged as a rookie star.


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